Important notice: Earthwise Valley closed in 2010 due to the unexpected passing of one of its founders. This site is maintained as-is in tribute to the many volunteers who lent their time and energy to the Valley.

Our Aims For The Future

The Vision of Earthwise Valley centres around growing abundant food, across a wide range of temperate and subtropical species, in ways that are harmonious with the natural environment. Production will be organic, utilising concepts from permaculture, and natural farming. Orchards will be blended with regenerating native forest. Fruit and nut trees will grow under the shelter of Pohutakawa and Kauri trees. Blueberries, bananas, and vegetable plants will enjoy the fertile flat land, surrounded by Harakeke, Nikau palms, and giant tree ferns. Areas of water will be used to generate more food through aquaculture, while providing more 'edge' for wildlife and native plants. Eels, Koura, and freshwater fish abound in the streams and ponds.

Areas of previously degraded landscape are being replanted with plants that feed birds, provide habitat, reduce erosion and support the resident wildlife and people of the Valley. Plant weed species and animals pests will be removed and indigenous ecosystems protected. Old growth trees like Totara, Rimu, Puriri and Miro will be replanted. Kiwi birds, lizards and giant insects, resident seabirds, ducks and Pukeko, are increasing in number.

Visitors and residents will have opportunities to learn about ecology and sustainable living, and to contribute to the long-term vision of Earthwise Valley. Meaningful, peaceful relationships are fundamental to the harmony and success of our little community. Spaces for personal development, art and music will be provided. There will be opportunities for low-impact recreation include bush walking, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, volleyball, and rock climbing.

Facilities will be beautiful, simple and comfortable - buildings that aesthetically fit the landscape in terms of form, colour and placement. Power production will utilise renewable methods, and clean water is protected. Local and natural resources are favoured over manufactured or external products.

rough plan

The initial stage of building and development of Earthwise Valley is expected to take several years. We will have a number of small buildings including semi-private sleeping cabins, and multiple sheds and structures for plant propagation, garden use, animal shelters, composting toilets, and woodsheds etc.

We envision a large beautiful communal centre which will encompass large social areas for dining, recreation and living. The centre will have a large kitchen and bathrooms, laundry, and working areas. It will include a library, indoor climbing gym, a game area for table-tennis and indoor games, areas for growing food in the form of winter garden/conservatories, and storage for equipment and resources. Our Centre will integrate adjacent outdoor areas for dining and relaxation, with decks, patios, and appropriate landscaping to create a comfortable living space and visually pleasing relationship to the Land.

Overall the feeling of Earthwise Valley is a place of natural beauty and simplicity - a little bit 'outside of time', where Nature still reigns supreme... a rich 'food bowl' nestled between lush rainforest and the big blue Pacific Ocean.

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