Important notice: Earthwise Valley closed in 2010 due to the unexpected passing of one of its founders. This site is maintained as-is in tribute to the many volunteers who lent their time and energy to the Valley.
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Earthwise Valley

We are located 22km from Coromandel township, on the east coast of the Coromandel Peninsula where ancient rainforest meets the sea. The Peninsula is a powerful combination of beautiful Pacific beaches and rugged volcanic mountains. These mountains climb from sea level to over 1000 metres and are mostly covered in native forest.

We are a Centre for Sustainable Living, providing an interface for people to benefit Mother Nature while rediscovering their own true human nature. Visitors and volunteers are invited to explore human impacts on natural systems, the importance of these systems to us, and ways to actively live in harmony with Nature.

Earthwise Valley is modelled on a similar community conservation project, “Tararu Valley Sanctuary”. Over its 8 year life span, the Sanctuary involved hundred of volunteers from all over the world in a massive amount conservation which culminated in the permanent protection of 200 acres of rainforest. Earthwise’s new home offers new opportunities, like the chance to rebuild an ecological corridor from the hilltops to the sea.

We are aiming to minimise our ecological footprint by creating eco-buildings and producing renewable energy, and through the permacultural production of fruit, nuts, vegetables, animal products, and timbers. Potential negative impacts of any foreign plants and animals on native ecosystems and/or landscapes are carefully considered. We actively seek alternatives to the current widespread unsustainable practices, and reliance on these external processes is minimized.

Future challenges include the creation of a Native Tree Nursery, building a communal accommodation space, establishing permacultural gardens & orchards, creating a large dam & pond for the for the ducks, geese, crayfish and pukekos, and more. You can read more about our aims and view landscape plans and sketches on our aims page.

Our community is based on commitment, trust, and peacefulness. Harmony is sought through remembering our essential unity, focusing on common values and the benefits of shared endeavour. The Valley seeks fair work relationships and external partnerships, and a solid financial foundation, with accountability and full legal compliance.

By providing a balance of recreation and well-being activities along with structured work projects, the Valley fosters both personal growth and opportunities where even short-term visitors can actively “be of service” to our Earth and each other.

The Valley is maintained by volunteers. Check out our volunteer programmes here to see how you can get involved.

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